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Here are local service providers and their contact information for your reference:

Utility Services

National Grid (gas/electric):
(800) 932-0301
Time Warner (cable, internet and phone):
Verizon (telephone):
(518) 890-7100
US Post Office (Queensbury):
(518) 745-4528
US Post Office (Hudson Falls):
(518) 747-2144
Glens Falls Post Office:


For larger household items; Furniture, appliances, TV’s auto batteries etc.

Warren County Transfer Stations
Luzerne Road:
(518) 745-4478
Ridge Road:
(518) 745-4479

Saratoga County Transfer Stations


Washington County Transfer Station
Luzerne Road:
(518) 745-4479


Please be sure to check the batteries in your thermostats and smoke alarms

Smoke Alarm Battery Replacement:

  1. Unscrew chirping alarm from ceiling/wall
  2. Disconnect wires
  3. Open battery compartment and remove old battery
  4. Insert brand new battery and close compartment
  5. Connect wires
  6. Screw alarm back onto ceiling/wall
  7. Go to combination smoke/carbon alarm (this is the alarm that controls the others) located in hallway/LR and hold in the reset/test button until alarm starts to sound (all other alarms will sound letting you know that they have been reset)

Without following these steps the alarm will continue to beep.  If the alarm still continues to beep even after following these steps then the unit may have to be replaced.


$35 maintenance fee plus the cost of the battery ($10) for Schermerhorn to come replace for the tenant.

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